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**RAFFLE** - Special Items!

Regular price $6.00

Hey guys! Here is another chance to get some super limited edition Trop items! In these trying times, our Trop-Fam has showed so much love, thank you.

We wanted to give y'all a chance to put those pennies to good use, help the band and get a chance to win so cool stuff!

Get your tickets while they are available, only 125 chances to get em!

I will be going live on 4/3, via the Tropi-Holics Facebook page to pull the names!

$6 gets you 1 ticket. $20 gets you 4 & $45 gets you 10 chances to win!

You can only win once (you will get highest prize won).

1st Prize - 7ft tall retractable Tropidelic vinyl banner. (Thanks Tim n Tara C.!)

2nd Prize - Tropidelic book art that displays "Tropidelic" in the folded pages, very cool! (Thanks Holly!)

3rd Prize - Phantasy Card bundle. All Tropidelic guys & 

Goodluck everyone & thanks again, so much, for all the support you guys have shown us this year. We will keep pushing thanks to you 'Holics'!

Much love. - Vinnie