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RAFFLE! - GDWTS 5th Year Anniversary.

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Giving out some real good goodies this time around!

We will be holding the raffle via live stream on the Tropi-Holics Facebook page on May 16th. Winners DO NOT have to be present to win. You will be contacted via Email or Facebook if you have won. This raffle will be limited to 225 entries total. Your order number will act as your raffle number. You can only win one prize. If your number is drawn twice you will be given the highest prize. Raffle will end 5/15/21.



- 1st Prize: Set of 4 differnt Go Down With the Ship anniversary edition pins! All LE 75. You will receive all the #5 pin of each, in honor of the anniversary.

- 2nd Prize: Tropidelic / Steinman "Aquamarine" Flamingo LE 100 - #43

- 3rd Prize: Tropidelic / Steinman "OG" Flamingo LE 400 - #20

- 4th Prize: Tropidelic / Steinman "OG" Flamingo LE 400 - # 240